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See your candidates in action before hiring them!

Hire Results Ltd. specializes in Human Capital Assessment and Hiring, and is committed to reshaping the way organizations select key performers within their organization.  Our number one objective is to assist organizations in reducing the costly risks associated with hiring, through our innovative and proactive selection process called Hiring Simulation Assessments.

Since 2002, Hire Results has worked with companies of all sizes and across industries throughout North America, helping them to make smart business decisions, as opposed to emotional ones, when hiring key individuals that will have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Hire Results’ service offerings revolve around three innovative and revolutionary processes that have captured the mindshare of clients throughout North America.  These are our Hiring Simulation Assessments, adding Hiring Simulation Assessments to the Search process (Search and Hiring Simulation)™ and On Demand 360° Referencing™ processes.


Candidates today are prepared to win the interview – stop interviewing and start seeing them in action!

Hire Results Ltd.’s revolutionary Hiring Simulation Assessment™ web enabled program allows Hiring Managers to experience prospective team members performing key activities that are critical to success on the job before they are hired. Clients see this hiring process as taking candidates for a Test Drive before hiring them. Both clients and candidates are able to conduct the proper due diligence before hiring decisions are made.

Many managers will openly admit that they are not great at interviewing and judging a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job.  Hire Results Ltd. has recognized this issue and addressed it through the creation of the Hiring Simulation Assessment™ process, which allows managers to greatly enhance their traditional interviewing skills and enables them to observe and interact with candidates in real life business settings.  Through this hiring process, Hiring Managers receive greater insight into the candidate’s abilities to perform at the expected levels in key elements of the job. By Test Driving candidates managers are able to make logical business decisions regarding their hiring.

The unique scorecard system built into the Hiring Simulation process allows for candidates to be observed and assessed objectively.


A resume and an interview will not tell you if your candidate’s can do the job – it will only tell you if they are a good interviewer!

Search and Hiring Simulation™ - Organizations today demand value when partnering with a Search firm.  Due to the online search capabilities of organizations today, utilizing a Search firm to assist in finding candidates, the search firm much be able to show unique processes and capabilities to justify their search fees. Just providing a list of resumes to clients without added value is not enough in the changing world of identifying talent. Hire Results Ltd. delivers this value by not only Searching for and qualifying candidates, but then stepping over the line and implementing our proprietary Hiring Simulation Assessment™ process, which allows companies to move beyond the interview and to literally experience each candidate performing key performance factors of the position. Clients have described this hiring process as “Test Driving” the candidates before they hire them. This Hiring Simulation™ process can be used either in conjunction with a full Search process, or as a stand-alone service if the client already has a short list of qualified candidates.

Our process

  • We Create

    4We will create a custom simulation for your business needs. This simulation will involve different steps that the candidates would have to do on the job, instead of just going through the typical interview process.

  • We Analyze

    2After creating your custom simulation, we will help you assess the candidates by providing you a report card with the scores from each of the simulations performed. This report card will give a rating from 1-5 in each of the key competencies your company is looking for.

  • You Profit!

    4Hiring the wrong job candidate can cost your company big money. So get it right the first time, and contact Hire Results to get started.

Our differentiator is our Simulation Process

See your candidates in action!

On Demand 360° Referencing™ – Surveys have told us that the majority of Hiring Managers feel that traditional voice-to-voice Reference Checking provides little Value or insight regarding the candidate they are assessing.  In response, Hire Results has created On Demand 360° Referencing™, a web based process that provides Hiring Managers with accurate, honest, and detailed reference information about their candidates.  Organizations have found that this approach yields significantly more comprehensive information than what is traditionally extracted in voice-to-voice phone reference checking.  Our On Demand 360° Referencing™  service can be provided to clients either as part of the Search and Hiring Simulation™ process, or as a stand-alone service.

Click on the Menu items above to learn more about Hiring Simulation Assessments and Search and Hiring Simulation™, On Demand 360° Referencing™, or Hire Results in general.  We look forward to helping you to make logical hiring decisions, and improving your bottom line.