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On-Demand 360° Referencing™


Most Hiring Managers would agree that Reference Checking should be a mandatory component of any hiring process. However, many of those same Managers would say they are skeptical of the quality of the information they receive from References, and that they question the value of this step in the hiring process.

To address these concerns, Hire Results Ltd. and the Self-Management Group have partnered to develop a new reference checking methodology, called On-Demand 360° Referencing™.  This web-based process allows Hiring Managers to gain accurate, truthful and measurable information from References. In addition, the On-Demand 360° Referencing™ program analyzes reference information, interprets the results, and provides clients with instant feedback on a Candidate’s suitability for a position.

There are five key steps in the process:

  • Client identifies a list of key attributes that a successful Candidate must possess to be successful.
  • Candidates for the position log onto a confidential website and score themselves (on a scale of 1-5) on each of the client-selected attributes.
  • Each of the Candidates’ References log onto the confidential website and score the Candidate on the client-selected attributes.
  • Scores from References are instantly contrasted with each Candidate’s self score, and with company benchmarks.
  •  A report is instantly generated, displaying/contrasting all scores, and flagging areas of potential concern (gaps in scores).  Key questions to ask the Candidate are generated based on these gaps.

sales1This revolutionary system produces credible reference information while minimizing the time, costs, inaccuracies, and legal risks associated with traditional reference checking.  In addition, the tool can be used to provide for on-going 360 evaluation of successful hires once on the job.

Contact us today to learn more about how On-Demand 360° Referencing™ can help you to get accurate Reference information on your candidates.

Our differentiator is our Simulation Process

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On-Demand 360° Referencing™

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Michael has been actively involved in all aspects of web development for the past 10 plus years. His role entails developing, maintaining and optimizing the Hire Results Ltd sites. He also takes part in different aspects of client engagement with the Simulation Assessment process.
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