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Managing the Risk When Hiring Energy Professionals


As a President or Hiring Manager looking to hire energy professionals, nothing beats interviewing that perfect candidate who has all the right words, answers your interview questions perfectly, looks the part, knows all about your company, and seems to be the ideal fit for your open position.

But wait…there may be more to the story than meets the interviewer’s eye!

Walk into any bookstore and you’ll find shelves lined with endless books and guides, showing your next candidate how to “WIN” their next interview. Think about it – the candidates you will be interviewing tomorrow or in the future will walk into your office, and with the help of books they’ve read, tips they’ve been given, and hours of practice and rehearsal, try their best to WIN your interview. Whether hiring energy professionals, or any valuable position, it can be challenging to decipher who is the best hire.

In addition, many candidates especially at the executive level associate themselves with an “Outplacement” business to further polish their interview performance skills. The Outplacement industry takes pride in showing its clients (candidates looking for work) how to properly prepare for interviews.  Candidates are coached on how to dress, what questions to expect in the interview, how to manage the small talk, etc., then encouraged to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!  The goal of the Outplacement officer is simple – get the candidate to WIN the interview.

If you are like most hiring managers or Presidents of companies, the knowledge that candidates for your next job have prepared and studied for the interview in this way should make you second guess your first impressions!

It’s one thing for a candidate to blow away the competition in an interview, but can they actually perform at the level you require on the job?  This is absolutely crucial, as there is no relationship between a candidate’s ability to “perform” in an interview and “execute” on the job.

Logic tells us that most Presidents and hiring managers would rather extend an offer to an average interviewer who is able to execute on key components of the position (including making or exceeding quota), than to a candidate who “Aced” the interview but can’t provide the results necessary to meet their monthly or yearly expectations.  That being said, how can you discern how someone will perform before you hire them?

What if, instead of merely interviewing candidates, Hiring Managers and Presidents were able to literally “experience” them in the positions (in this case energy professionals) they are applying for?  What if WINNING the interview wasn’t enough, and instead, candidates had to SHOW how they would execute in critical areas of the position?


energyprofessionals“Don’t tell me you can do the job – show me!”

This would put all candidates on the same playing field – the good interviewers and the average ones.  Hiring managers and Presidents would be surprised to find themselves hiring people they never thought they would hire, and saying “no” to candidates who are fantastic interviewers, but simply can’t execute.

Other professions do this so why not you?   In professional sports all players are invited to training camp to show the coaching staff how they will react in game situations.  Actors are called in for auditions to read for specific parts of a play or a film.  Pilots are required to sit for hours in flight simulators to show hiring managers that they can actually fly the plane.  And the list goes on……

Hiring new staff should be no different – the cost is too high when you make a hiring mistake. The time to find out who can and who can’t execute is before the hire, not three to six months into an employment agreement.  Yet without a process for hiring logically, based on proven candidate performance, those doing the hiring will always revert back to emotions, and hire candidates not because they can do the job – but because they like them.

Hiring Energy Professionals

The goal of any organization when hiring energy professionals is:

  • To reduce the risk of making a hiring decision that will cost the company money.
  • To have the new employee reach their “expected” potential in the shortest period of time.
  • Not to have any surprises after the hire – the candidate is better on the job than in the interview!

Having these goals is one thing, executing and delivering on these goals and objectives is another!  Our belief is that it all comes down to the people you hire.  The question is “how do you really know if you are hiring the right people”?

At Hire Results Ltd. we believe “seeing is believing”.   Seeing candidates in action through a “Hiring Simulation Assessment” process; taking them for a “Test Drive” is the only way to dramatically reduce the risk of a poor hiring decision.

Organizations need to invest in a service that is providing candidates who, if hired, will shape the future of the company is one that cannot be left to chance.  We believe this service needs to bring long term value to organizations – not just resumes.

Managing the Risk When Hiring Energy Professionals
Paul Vassiliou

By Paul Vassiliou

Paul Vassiliou has extensive experience in engineering, sales, and market development with various multinational corporations spanning 23 years on two continents. His career includes energy business sectors ranging from oil and natural gas to distribution (wholesale and retail) in progressively senior positions.
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