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Hire Better, High Producing Sales Professionals


Learn to Hire Better – Managing the RISK in your next Sales Hire!

Been on an “Interview”….or should we say “Date” lately?

An Oakville, Ontario company believes too many marriages fall apart due to the fact each partner doesn’t really know what their new mate is really like. Could this be the reason so many new hires in organization don’t work out?  What would happen if hiring managers and potential new hires were to stop interviewing and actually start to experience each other before they engaged in an employment contract?


Hire Better, High Producing Sales Professionals

Hiring Sales people who will produce the expectations is a difficult challenge for most organizations.  Making hiring mistakes is costly – both in direct as well as opportunity costs.

Our differentiator is our Simulation Process

See your candidates in action!

Traditional hiring practices are a significant part of the problem.  A recent survey of business owners and executives indicated that over 90% either disliked the hiring process or felt they were ill equipped to hire better and more effectively.


Over 95% of companies uses the traditional interview/hiring process (résumés and reference checks) which is much like dating – everyone is on their best behaviour, looks great and says all the right things during the interview process.  Several candidates can all be equally qualified with excellent references and the final hiring decision is often made on a “gut feeling”.  In many cases the hiring manager makes their decision because they “liked” the candidate.  The true characters of all parties usually emerge after the marriage (hire) has occurred.  What if there was a way for both parties to “try each other out” before the employment offer is extended?  What if you could hire better & your hiring manager could make a logical business decision rather than an emotional one when hiring?

The key to hiring high producing sales professionals is to avoid making the hiring decision based on the “emotion” inherent in the interview process – and to use hiring practices based on “logic” by accurately determining how the candidate will perform on the job.

The Keys to Hire Better, High Producing Sales People

rsz_rsz_business-300x284There is typically little relationship between a candidate’s performance in the interview and their execution in the key activities of the position.  In fact, the use of job simulations has proven that the traditional interview process can not predict a candidate’s ability to execute key success functions of the job.

One of the major mistakes most organizations make is “liking” a candidate before knowing whether that candidate can actually do the job.  It’s critical to fight the desire to “like” someone before knowing whether they will be able to produce results.

What would happen if business owners and executives put less emphasis on the interview and were able to “Test Drive” a candidate?

The “Power of Hiring Simulation” avoids these hiring pitfalls.  It allows both parties to get into the marriage before making a commitment.  Employers can hire better, and job candidates don’t end up taking a job that isn’t a good fit for them. By test driving candidates before hiring them, the traditional interview becomes secondary to experiencing first hand how the candidate performs.  This is accomplished by simulating activities that are critical for success in the position such as how candidates handle themselves on the phone or in front of prospects; how they think, how they execute, how they interact and engage with team members or how well they fit within the organization. This all leads to a better hiring experience.

traditional hiring process

Skill Assessment Hiring

Bad hiring decisions cost North American companies millions of dollars a year in recruiting costs, training costs, unmet sales quotas and ultimately in lost business. What is the cost of a bad hire? Hire Results Ltd. calculates the cost through a simple formula.  The example below assumes a sales quota of $1,000,000, with sales of $550,000.

Expectation – Results = Sales Force Risk

$1,000,000 (E) – $550,000 (R) = $450,000 (SFR)

These costs are only the visible ones. What happens if the new employee mistreats a current client or misses out on key business opportunities?  The cost can skyrocket into the millions of dollars.

A potential employee can look great on paper and have excellent references, but the proof of success can only be shown when the employee is actually on the job.  Likewise, an employee who is the breadwinner in their family can put their family at financial risk should he/she accept a position that is not a good fit for them.

Bottom line – the power of hiring simulation literally takes everyone beyond the interview process. While this method has been mostly used in hiring sales staff, it can also be applied to any employee at any level in an organization.  From executive to sales people and everything in between, in key positions where a sales hiring mistake is costly.


sales2Think of hiring as the ability to peel back the layers and truly understand the candidate’s true capabilities.  To do this successfully and hire better employees, the candidate must be seen from a completely different perspective, and be evaluated based on performing activities that will be critical to success on the job.

The goal of any organization when hiring new sales staff is:

  • To reduce the risk of making a hiring decision that will cost the company money.
  • To have the new sales employee reach their “expected” potential in the shortest period of time.
  • Not to have any surprises after the hire – they can actually sell better on the job than in the interview!

Having these goals is one thing, executing and delivering on these goals and objectives is another!  Our belief is that it all comes down to the people you hire.  The question is “how do you really know if you are hiring the right sales people”?   We believe “seeing is believing”.   Seeing candidates in action through assessment tools like a job simulation process; taking them for a “Test Drive” is the only way to dramatically reduce the risk of a poor hiring decision.

By taking this approach, sales hiring accuracy is increased and hiring risk is mitigated – ultimately resulting in a better hire, and a higher producing sales team.

Organizations need to invest in a service that is providing candidates who, if hired, will shape the future of the company is one that cannot be left to chance.  We believe this service needs to bring long term value to organizations – not just resumes.

You can learn more by checking out our links on this website, or by visiting Hiring Simulation Assessments or contact us at .  We would be pleased to tell you how you can increase your hiring success rate by 2 – 3 fold through a process that is literally revolutionizing the way organizations manage their human capital risk.

Hire Better, High Producing Sales Professionals
Paul Vassiliou

By Paul Vassiliou

Paul Vassiliou has extensive experience in engineering, sales, and market development with various multinational corporations spanning 23 years on two continents. His career includes energy business sectors ranging from oil and natural gas to distribution (wholesale and retail) in progressively senior positions.
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