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#1 Problem When Hiring Engineers

Hiring Engineers

What is the #1 problem when hiring engineers? A recent article I read talked about key reasons Hiring Managers fail in their job when it comes to hiring strong talent. At the top of the failure list was the “lack of process” in key aspects of the hiring process.

hire better EngineersWhile reading this article I could not help but think back to the many clients we have worked with where this lack of process was clearly seen when new engineers were being hired.  A typical Hiring Manager will show up to an interview and “wing it”. Ask questions and take very few notes. When asked by other managers how the interview went the typical response is “I like (or didn’t like) the candidate”. Over the many years we have determined that a conservative estimate of Hiring Managers who follow little or no hiring process would be over 80%.  This is a hard number to swallow when we consider that one of the highest priorities of a Sales Manager is to hire good talent.

We hope not to paint all Hiring Managers with the same brush but the intent of this short article is to bring attention to any problem Hiring Manager who may want to improve their odds of hiring better engineering professionals. Find a hiring process that works and then stick to it. Follow each step with all candidates. Track your success. See what is working and what needs to be tweaked and keep doing it. Managing the risk when hiring energy professionals is essential.

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Hiring Simulation Assessments with its weighted scorecard has brought process to hiring engineers with clients throughout North America since early 2002. If you are looking for a different way to hire and you want to follow a proven hiring process, come for a TEST DRIVE and see why we are changing the way companies are assessing & hiring engineers.

#1 Problem When Hiring Engineers
Paul Vassiliou

By Paul Vassiliou

Paul Vassiliou has extensive experience in engineering, sales, and market development with various multinational corporations spanning 23 years on two continents. His career includes energy business sectors ranging from oil and natural gas to distribution (wholesale and retail) in progressively senior positions.
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