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Halton Tech Today 2013 – Hire Results Pt. 2


In this episode, Rob Duvall meets with Craig Bissett of Hire Results.

Hire Results, continues to break new ground with their clients by helping them to observe and assess candidates through a different lens; by breaking the traditional rules of hiring and creating new ones! The end results are reflected on their clients’ bottom line, through the acquisition of new employees who are positively impacting their business. In many instances these results are produced by candidates who typically would have been passed over due to their in ability to perform well in the traditional interview setting. Their clients have become believers in the statement that there is no relationship between a candidates ability to perform well in an interview and execute on the job.

Craig Bissett, founder of Hire Results Ltd., welcomes the opportunity to assist and impact your organization through either our fully integrated Search and Hiring Simulation™ process, our stand alone Hiring Simulation™ process, or through their On Demand 360° Referencing™ tool.

Halton Tech Today 2013 – Hire Results Pt. 2