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Paul René Pelland


For the past twenty(20) years in both Sales and Management, I have continually increased my knowledge and hands-on skills in hiring key performers within each division of the companies I have worked for. One of my areas of industry expertise is in the leadership of various pharmaceutical sales teams throughout Canada. Human Resource Management, Business Development, Marketing and Government Affairs are all areas where my business acumen has excelled.

As Managing Associate at Hire Results Ltd, I am able to utilize my business experience in assisting clients in managing their risk when hiring key performers within their organizations. The Hiring Simulation process allows hiring managers to engage with short listed candidates via a Test Driving Simulation process before committing to building a mutually beneficial working relationship between them. Through the use of my business experience and the power of the Hiring Simulation, hiring teams literally engage with candidates as if they are in the role today resulting in the highest possible quality hire. My number one goal is to ensure that both the candidate and hiring team have the greatest chance for a successful outcome.

Paul René Pelland